If you are ready to bid farewell to the bone chilling winter season then say hello to Spring 2019!

Top 5 makeup trends for spring '19

If you are ready to bid farewell to the bone chilling winter season then say hello to Spring 2019! Spring, pastels, flora, color! We are obsessed with all of them & so was the runway! From glowy skin, to sculpted cheekbones & pink lips, the runway left out neither. We had pops of pink everywhere & colored eye liner, the skin was kept minimal & fresh but a lot of effort was put on brushed looking brows & fluttery lashes. Here are the top 5 makeup trends that makeup stylist at BBAMNA spotted on the Runway.

1)      Pink is the new Yellow – Year 2018 was all about mustard yellowy shades, as transition color, on your lids & in your waterline but this year is all about playing with different hues of pink. Pink makeup is seriously on trend this year, not to forget that spring is the perfect season to get the most out of this color. It makes you look youthful, fresh & adds that naturally soft effect to your makeup. Models on the runway were seen wearing pink eye shadow on their lids in a graphic way that looked so modern & edgy.

2)      Brushes Brows – Brow Pow was stamped everywhere on the ramps of Paris, Milan, New York & London. The last two years had been all about razor sharp arches, wavy brows for a brief period & bushy brows but 2019 brings upon the concept of natural looking brows that look neat & groomed. No need to spend all that time on your eyebrows anymore, a few strokes of a mechanical pencil or a brow gel & you’re good to go.

3)      Stained Lips – So this is a trend that we noticed in 2018 when YSL & Colourpop came out with Glossy Stain Pop Waters & Ultra Blotted Lipstick range. Matte lips will still be on trend BUT only the ones that will not make you super dry & crackly looking. Make sure to invest in lip by selecting the best face makeup product & cheek stains in 3-4 colors because that will be all that you’ll be needing. They are watery in consistency but they leave behind a beautiful tint on your lips that stay on for upto 10 hours. It gives you a very fresh & effortless plus you don’t have to touch up throughout the day, BINGO!

4)      Super Glossy Skin – We have heard about lip glosses, eye glosses, glass skin BUT 2019 is all about glossy skin. Here we would like to bring your focus more towards upping your skincare game first & then re checking your makeup drawers. Glossy looking skin means healthy looking skin that looks natural, radiant & plump. Get your hands on hyaluronic acid infused skincare as this ingredients adds a dose of moisture to your skin. Hydrated skin (external link) always looks supple & fresh. In terms of makeup, bear in mind to use minimal layer of face makeup & use strobe creams & sheer highlight to add that glowy effect.

5)   Soft Glittery Makeup –  if you seek your beauty inspiration from Instagram then we can bet that soft & glitter together doesn’t happen on that platform! Instagram is all about bold, rebellious & punk makeup that is more focused towards the display of artistry & blending skills. The good news is that if you are not good at blending eyeshadows, 2019 is the year for you! The runway models adorned soft glittery eye looks with minimal smokiness on the crease & scattered glitter on the lids. No need to layer a base shade anymore, just dab your finger in the pot & pat in some chunky or loose glitter in a unruly fashion. Hues of yellow gold, pastel pinks & lavenders are more in fashion this year. 

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