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24K Gold & Roses (15ml)

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3,500 PKR

  • 24K Gold & Roses

  • the 24K GOLD & ROSES comes from within the soul of earth with the purest form enriched in vitamins and fatty acids. It’s a Fast absorbing moisturizer i.e. the first step in a professional makeup infused with Gold flakes. These Gold flakes absorb right into your skin, leaving your skin glowing and naturally radiant


24K Gold & Roses

Step 1: 24K Gold and Roses moisturizes the skin and gives a glowing face look before applying the makeup. Without moisturized skin normally after after few hours the foundation starts drying on your face thus resulting in creasing under your eyes, forehead, chin and on your nose.
Step 2: Flawless Makeup” PRIMER Created layer between your skin pores and the foundation. Now the foundation, concealer, bronzer, Powder, Blush, Highlight etc. will Not Sink Into your Skin Pores and You Will Have Flawless and Smooth skin which Controls Creasing, Fading, Melting Makeup and Stops Pores visibility throughout makeup wear. 

 Bye Bye PORES” At this stage, you can see Skin Pores, Wrinkles and Fine Lines Visibility is minimized.


24k Gold and Roses is best for you, you can apply 1-3 drops as moisturizer before starting makeup and strongly recommend over night use in all weather. Follow point 3 and 4.

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" 24K Gold & Roses (15ml) "

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